• Solar PV – Accredited UK Solar Panel Suppliers and Installers

Holdcroft SFW LTD can supply and install solar photavoltaic systems to all domestic and commercisl premises, we can install panels on all sizes of roofs and ground mounts, we are a well established reputable family run company who maintain high standards of work and are certified MCS Approved to cary out all pv installations and offer professionalism to every install. From design service to install we offer a hassle free installation and take care of your feed in teriff registaration,  so book now for a free no obligation survey and quotation.

Why Use Solar PV
Solar pv use the energy from the sun to generate electricity, although electricty is produced on sunny days, panels work well on overcast days too.

By generating your own electricity you could save money on energy bills plus with the goverments feed in teriff you could be payed a annual income.